Sunday, June 14
Drivers' quotes after SS21
Car #9 - A. Mikkelsen / O. Floene: Yeah just trying to get in some sort of ryhthm. It is hard to get any feeling at all. We are waiting for the Power Stage. Will it be possible? I don't know - it's very loose - but we'll give it a go.

Car #14 - R. Kubica / M. Szczepaniak: The handling was OK in this one, no big issues so it is OK. We hit a big rock in the road. We have to check the rear left.

Car #3 - K. Meeke / P. Nagle: It is the worse stage of the rally for cleaning. It is so narrow. There is nothing to do. We get one manufacturer point so far I think. There is no opportunity for Power Stage points either.

Car #37 - L. Bertelli / L. Granai: It is OK but we have some problem with intercom and I can hear on and off.

Car #8 - D. Sordo / M. Marti: I have just been driving in the middle of the road. Let's try to get as many manufacturer points as possible. That is the priority.

Car #6 - O. Tanak / R. Molder: We will try to get a good feeling for the next round. I am already looking forward to the rally of Poland.

Car #12 - K. Al Qassimi / C. Patterson: For me it was very bad, I tried to push a little bit in the beginning and I went wide and I hit a wall with a tyre. I could not find the rhythm.

Car #2 - JM. Latvala / M. Anttila: We had a practice run, we are happy on how this stage went. Some of the places are very narrow with a lot of stones. But it was quite nice. Which foot I'd rather lose?! Interesting question! Normally I use more the left foot, perhaps that is the most important one!

Car #5 - E. Evans / D. Barritt: This stage wasn't perfect but the feeling was not terrible either.

Car #7 - T. Neuville / N. Gilsoul: We are thinking about points, it is important to finish on a high note. Let's hope to finish like this, points are important for the team. Third place would be a good reward as they did a great job. We were quite in trouble but they managed to fix the car. Normally we are in better position but that is it.

Car #4 - M. Ostberg / J. Andersson: I do not know, we need to learn a bit more about the problem. It is not only brakes.

Car #20 - H. Paddon / J. Kennard: Not pushing hard at all. Okay, we still want to go at a comfortable pace but we have everything to lose so we're driving around every rock and every hole. Of course I'm nervous. When we were fighting Ogier it was easier, now there are a lot more things to think about.

Car #1 - S. Ogier / J. Ingrassia: In this one I pushed a little bit more, to check the notes. In the next one we will be cruising again and in the following one maybe push a bit more.

Car #38 - Y. Protasov / P. Cherepin: We will see now, in the first stage I drove more than half stage with the puncture. We will keep pushing and pushing.

Car #48 - P. Andreucci / A. Andreussi: We lost some water, now the car is OK but I drove carefully. Trying to push for the win?! I do not know, I must see what happens with the water leak.

Car #45 - J. Kopecky / P. Dresler: It is all about nursing the car, guys in front are too far and so those behind. We just want to get to the end of the rally now.

Car #41 - N. Fuchs / F. Mussano: I do not know what happened, but I do not have power at all.